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The meeting rooms at Green Lake Resort

Flanked by beautiful corridors. Comfortable reception area and almost every room can be opened along the entire line. It has a beautiful terrace surrounded by the landscape of the lake and a refreshing lawn.
With long experience in welcoming high-ranking government officials, dignitaries at corporate meetings or various festive events with Thai Lanna hospitality, our hotel is regarded as the perfect venue for events in Chiangmai.

Ploypailin Room

This pillarless conference space in the center of the room. Accommodates more guests 300 persons with room size 500 SQM. The design blends modern and Lanna art perfectly and can also be divided into 3 small rooms according to your needs as well.

Ploychompoo Room

Rectangle conference room can accommodate up to 100 persons, size 125 SQM. The interior is decorated with attention to detail, fully equipped with audio and visual technology.

Tubtim Siam Room

Small meeting room size 125 SQM, accommodates guests up to 50 persons, luxurious and modern decorated. Located on the 2nd floor of the meeting room building, side-by-side with lake view, you can rest your eyes or admire the atmosphere during the meeting break.

Waterfront Courtyard

Outdoor multipurpose patio size 500 SQM, accommodates guests 300-500 persons. Beautiful area next to the Emerald Lake of the hotel. Long experience in supporting weddings and festivities.